Phileo International Academy (PIA)
educates students based on

Christian worldview principles
with a goal to empower individuals
in ways that will enable them

to make positive impacts on others.

We hope to cultivate mature 

and responsible Christian leaders
who not only seek to achieve 

their God-given potential
but also help others do the same.

Education Goal

Christian Education
기독교 교육 

말씀과 기도로 중심을 잡고 세상으로 나가는 신앙 교육

To provide a Biblical, prayer-based spiritual education and foster a Christian mindset and leadership.

Character Education
인성 교육

공동체 안에서 종중, 배려, 소통을 배우는 인성 교육

To emphasize respect, empathy, and communication within a community.

Creative Education
창의 교육

아이들이 자유롭게 꿈 꿀 수 있는 환경 속에서 배우는 창의 교육

To equip students with critical thinking skills and imagination.

Customized Education
맞춤형 교육

소규모 정원의 클래스에서 개별 커리큘럼을 진행하는 맞춤형 교육

To provide an individualized education catered to the interests and needs of each student.

Career Education
진로 교육

적성과 흥미를 발견하고 자신만의 커리어를 찾아가는 전문성 교육

To help students discover and develop their career-related interests.

Educational Model
Motivating & Coaching & Modeling


Motivating the students spiritually and academically through various classes and activities such as chapel, bible classes, vision trips, and student-led events and projects.


Coaching the students through customized education, and responsive interaction and communication with the students.


Modeling by mentors (teachers and senior students), and encouraging students to participate in leadership positions, commending students' positive efforts and providing appropriate career guidance to become good role models themselves.